A Promise To My Friends

Owe you guys a big one

And one word for you all i.e awesome

Thanks for being part of my life

Thanks for making my life such an awesome life.


2 years strong friendship and such a change in life

I just wish that you all always stay in my life

Promise me one more thing my friends

A friendship that will never end.


So it’s time for us to seperate

All the time which I spend with you were just great

Remembering all moments, all , I will get is a smile

Missing you is what I’ll be doing in the mean while.


I don’t want things to change

Neither I want time to change

Just a goodbye with a smile and it’s an end

But really I’m gonna miss all my true friends.


I hope I was among yours good friend

I hope you liked my trend

I hope you’ll miss me too

Like the way I’m gonna miss you.


Stay in touch, keep friendship alive

For our awesome friendship a Hi5!

May you all be successful and stay happy in life

Again thanking you my pals for making my life such an awesome life.


P.s- Friends made in heaven

One of the wonders of seven

Without you a part of life is boring

With you their never exists a word called boring.


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