Love At First Sight

The first day I saw you

For me everything was new

It happened like love at first sight

It was like sight very bright.


We were unknown

And I wanted that we should be well known

So everyday seeing you made my feelings grew more

And all I wanted was being called your.


So it went like this, I saw you, You saw me

Durning all this you never noticed happiness in me

You never noticed happiness, you noticed me

And I told god, you made a perfeect girl for me.


Aaha the 1st Love You that I said

And I was happy and quite afraid

Afraid of no, Happy for yes

The next day you made my day by saying yes.


And in your smiles I see something more beautiful than stars

And I expressed it by playing a song on my guitar

Those moments made my day

And to Love you is what I was thinking all my way.


P.s- I never thought it would start

And I never thought I’ll be accepted by your heart

Love is what it is

And being in Love is just like this.


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