School- Now A Memory

Last Day of my School Life

I’m going to Miss this Awesome Life

12 Memorable years of my School Life

Goodbye my Dear School Life.



With Hugs and Cry it comes to an End

Ending with a Promise Forever to be Friends

Clicking pics to capture memories of Togetherness

And whenever we’ll meet there will only be Happiness.



I don’t know when we’ll Meet

I wish the Meet should be quite Sweet

I don’t want School Life to End

Because I’m gonna Miss all My True Friends. 😦



Now everyone will be Busy

And Life won’t be Easy

Now we would enter the world of Competition

And after few months everybody would be busy for Admission.



So the Best Moments came to an End

And I’ll always remember the Times we Spend

From the 1st day of My School making New Friends

And the last day making A Promise that Friendship would Never End.



P.S- I’ll miss Everyone and Everything

Roaming around in School with Buddies was the Best Thing

Goodbye my Schooling Life

I’m definitely going to Miss this Awesome Life…


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