My Dear Heart

Big eyes sexy looks

My heart is what she took

From mine to her nest

My dear heart all the best.


Thanks for your time today

I wish days like these come everyday

Spending time with you is like something special

Even though different are our level.


The way you laugh, the way you smile

I just wish to watch you all my while

Beauty is what is filled within you

The word beautiful fits only for you.


The way you swing your head

I feel like something is unsaid

Those feelings which you hide from me

And it makes me prove that Love is not my cup of tea.


That moment when you held my hand

I just wished to stand

Stand near you and keep holding your hand

Not your left but specially your right hand.


Don’t think it’s love, it’s just a crush

Love is when you blush

And this crush is like this and that

Seriously my heart is what is completely flat.


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