Goodbye – The Girl From The Party

So it’s time for us to say goodbye

Remembering the moment when I said you hi

The dance with you

And especially the gorgeous you.


The pictures we clicked

And in between that my heart you picked

Aaha the feeling when you came close to me for pic

Was it your or mine attraction trick?


Your “awww” in comedy talks

And your “hahaha” in serious talks

These two things are quite hard to understand

One thing I love is your smooth and soft hands.


Uff, the word for your sexy figure

And your eyes are just killer

My eyes just can’t stop staring you

Because gorgeous, beautiful words are made only for you.


Miss me, I’ll miss you too

And I’m happy that our friendship is not new

Don’t forget me, keep friendship alive

And for your happiness next time we’ll go for a long drive. 😛


Good bye girl

Thanks for being my pal

Friend like you is quite hard to find

I wish I’m not always on your mind. 😉


P.s- Neither it’s love nor crush

But the feelings change when you are hush

It feels like we are unknown friends

But a promise from my side, a friendship which will never end.


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