That Gorgeous Miss

Sitting and thinking I thought about you

Memories of school made me think about you

Many a times I saw you

Among the most beautiful girls in school one was you.


Out of nowhere you popped in my mind

Your profile is now what I need to find

I thought I should send you this

As I wrote this for a gorgeous miss.


I saw you in tuition too

My heart skipped due to you

And yes, I felt the nervousness whenever I saw you

I turn completely blank whenever I came in front of you.


1st time I saw you when I joined tuition in class eight

In class nine for you once I opened the gate

You were looking gorgeous that day in salwar suit

Being frank you look very cute.


In class 10, I tried to seek your attention

No attention, but I noticed you are a lovely creation

Your cute smile, your killer sexy eyes

The place where all your beauty lies.


No more flirty lines

Neither I’m yours nor you’re mine

I can promise friendship with no ends

And I can also promise forever we can be friends.


P.s- I was liking you, don’t know since when

To express all this, earlier I was like hen

Now I can express anything by writing a poem

Like the one which I did in the above poem.



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