Innocent Crush

You were my first crush from class six

To impress you I never tried any tricks

At the end of class 9, I thought to impress you

And from the 1st meet I started liking you.


It all started by our 1st meet

The meet was quite sweet

You’r respond was sweet like this

And I thought she could be my miss.


Then it all went like, I asked her contact no

And happiness is what I got when I received a text from that no

From that time I thought , I will get her

And I prayed it should not get blur.


So I started liking you

And I don’t know what moment made me Love you

It all happened like this and that and I was happy

And falling in Love made me more happy.


I remember our longest talk i.e. 56 minutes and 04 seconds

I wished the talks should never end

But everything ended, the Like, the Love

For me you were all of the above.


I don’t know what happened

But I’m happy that it had an happy end

I’m happy that we are friends

I just wish our friendship should never end.


P.s- You were my 1st crush

And one of my beautiful crush

Be happy you came in my life

And you’ll be my friend throughout my life.



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