Unfolding Of Love

The rain may kiss the ground
The rain may kiss the grasses lying around
Butterflies may kiss the rose
And what if you and me stay close.

Kiss, the passion of love
Kiss, which even happen between dove
Kiss, the love of life
Kiss, which lasts in every lover’s life.

After love you will it be followed by a kiss?
Your permission is all I need my miss
If yes, lips gonna tie up strong
And I’ll try to keep this kiss as long as we want.

Best part of kiss is that 2 souls lost in each other
Which will happen if they love each other
Let the passion unfold
The feelings time withhold.

Kiss me again, Kiss me forever
Kiss me with care, Kiss me while I stare
Kiss me hard, Kiss me passionately
Kiss me light, Kiss me lovingly.

P.s- Happy International Kiss Day.


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