Of so many memories we had

Of so many fights we had

Of so many laughs we shared

Of so many tears we shed

Of so many pics we clicked together

Of so many movies we watched together

Of so many songs we sung

Of so many songs wich remained unsung

Of so many hours we studied 

Of so many times someone being bullied

Now it’s all just a part of memory

Gotdam those were the days

Those were our days

Everything’s gonna be missed

And specially my beautiful miss

A hi5 for friendship we share

A hi5 for girls we stare

Your friendship being part of my life

Your friendship being my life

So a word goodbye and tears gonna flow

My friends I owe you a bow

Thanks for helping me everytime

Thanks for standing with me, for me, everytime

Goodbye with a smile (please)

Goodbye with a laugh (please)

Don’t worry things never gonna change

And yeah our friendship always gonna be same.  😀 😀 😉


Will miss you guys. 😦 😦 


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