Happy Birthday The Girl From The Party

Life has it’s rhythm with each new heart beat
You were born today in your birthday suit, cheek to cheek
So finally arrives your day
Hey birthday girl, wishing you a very happy birthday.

Let me express few things
And I hope happiness it will bring
Take some time to pray
And read my poem for the day.

I love when we talk
And I love to stalk (you)
My words come naturally by seeing your beauty
You being so beautiful, praising beauty is my duty.

Your expression makes me feel that I made you laugh
And I just imagine how good is my graph
Is it at the bottom or at the top?
Cos at middle I never stop.

It’s not easy to vanish your laugh and smile
Worth praising is your style
You’re there to distract my mind
I’m gonna look at you till my eyes go blind. 😉

And now I do feel for you
And now it is that I like you
Sorry to say but feelings so true
But this is what I feel for you. 😀 😉

Okay so no more this and that
Or you’ll wish to hit me with a bat
Stay happy, stay blessed, it’s your day
Hey beautiful girl, wishing you happy birthday. 🙂


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