Happy Birthday Sister

Love showed up, God gave me you and you to me
Later Friendship formed together, that good, as it shall be
After a long wait arrives your day
My Dear Sister wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Of so many things, memories, laughs we’ve shared
We don’t need to prove that, at times how much we cared
We fought, we cried, we played all together
One thing I know that our Love will last forever.

Hardest thing was to choose a gift for you
I was roaming in the market without any clue
But finally I got something which you might like
Haha! Dont’t be that happy it’s not a sports bike.

I’ve a beautiful sister, rejoice
Whose head at times made wise choice
We grew up together, we got unconditional Love
And yes we were kept all of the above.

But everyday is an important day
And today, it’s your birthday
Wishes, Love, Blessings will flow all your way
Again wishing you my dearest Sister, A very very Happy Birthday.

P.S- Love You Sister.. ❤


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