Because Your Love Knows No Bounds.. Happy Birthday Maa

Mom, God created you as a gift
For me, to honor, cherish and Love
You are my Heaven on Earth
My beautiful angel from above.

You cover me with your Love
Like the sun covers the seven sea
You make me smile with your songs.

As compared to seven wonders, you’re the best
How cool you are, I know the rest
God can’t be everywhere so he made you
My mommy, words can’t express, how much I Love You.

I annoy you, I disturb you, i irritate you
Just to show that I’m still a kid for you
I just love to hear those childhood stories
It was the days of Glory.

You’ve grown a year older mom
But age doesn’t matter you still look younger mom
Thanks to God, who blessed me with a Ladylove like you
Who gave me unconditional love, unconditional support, that words are less to express how much I Love You.

You mean my world to me
Ever sad, how can I let you be
Sorry, at times i let you down
My Queen, accept your Prince Love Crown.

P.S- Love you Maa. ❤
Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Maa..


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