Happy Women’s Day

A women is a mother
A women can be a father
A women is a sister
A women can be a brother
A women is what she is
A women is so beautiful that she don’t know how beautiful she is.

She manages everything
And in house happiness she brings
She’s so adorable that it’s so hard to describe
Her presence just keeps everyone alive.

She’s a gift of God with great character, principles and power
She sprinkles Love just like a shower
There are so many people, but she’s all with different needs
And She’s so Awesome that so perfectly mind she reads.

She’s chosen by God to carry his words
So fumble, so happy, so loving just like a Bird
Without flying she delivers all his message with love and care
She’s the one who taught everyone good prayer.

She’s like a Candle with the Light
She’s like clouds with the Stars
She’s like a Smile on the Face
She’s like a Taj on it’s Place.

Hey all the Women oF this Universe


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