We Are Bonded By Friendship, Related By Blood, Happy BIrthday My Twin Stud

The angles were awaiting
The moments of your birth
They were the one who escorted you
On your journey from Heaven to Earth.

Happy birthday bhai
Aaj ghar pe nahi hai tum, kise kare larai?
Brother enjoy this special day
My Brother, My Love, Happy Birthday.

Celebrate like crazy on my behalf
My brother, my other half
This year we are far, yet very close
Click some pics of girls giving sexy pose.

Growing up with you was my best choice
And while talking to girls what happens to your voice? 😛
But thanks for always standing with me there
And for always showing such tremendous care.

This is the 1st time we won’t be passing the phone
Yes, A year older we have grown
Come home soon, we’ll party again
And the party won’t be plain. B|

Blow out the candle, cut the cake
Let no one be the one to hear the silent wish you make
Count the wishes, capture the moments
Ignore everything and just Live Those Moments..

P.S- Happy Birthday Brother. Love You.. ❤ 🙂


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