Little Past 2 A.M

I don’t know what to write, but I want to write
Try and express few things out
But I don’t know how to write
Girl, I’ve never seen you posing picture pout.

This morning you called, and all of a sudden the smile I got
Buds around me heard my tone and asked me is she hot?
Cos expecting a call at that time, I never thought
And I replied, she’s the only one I’ve got.

I jumped off the chair, packed my bag
And in the mean while I got some mustache swag
Hijacked a scooty, fooled the cops, rolled the speedo meter
Instead of cooperating, sun was acting like a heater.

Then arrived the lane, but stopped by the car
And I thought I’m not going to see the outline, but the whole star
Then you walked down, the one looking crazy in night dress I saw
And I wanted my eyes not to withdraw.

The moment you invited me in, I thought I hit the jackpot
And then I realized wrong was my shot
Hairs shabby, eyes sleepy and the smile to which I lost everything
I wish whenever I see you, those smiles are never missing.

So we talked for few minutes and I captured those moments for my day
And I forgot to say, any tension feel free to say
Lastly goodbye, followed by Laters Baby I said
And that smile which I saw was the moment of my day.

P.S- It’s little past 2 AM
And I don’t know what I’m trying to express
Poets, writes for the one for whom they feel..


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