An Eve Spent With You

The sun was shining bright, so were you
Roads were empty, you being so far then also I got your view
The one lost somewhere in her own world
The gorgeous one, who’s hair were not curled.

So soon arrived the study time
And during your teaching my mind was busy matching line with rhymes
Apart from listening, I was admiring you
Apart from admiring, I got your beautiful view.

You being sun kissed
And by my nautanki, you not being pissed
You being so adorable, every moment of time we spend
I just wished time should stop and the present moment should never end.

Now the books being close and arrived the time for smoke
I must say I like you jokes
And the things you shared are safe with me
I heard you make delicious tea.

The songs which I played on guitar were just for you
Songs which I played were not new
Old golden hit songs were those
And I was happy that you were sitting not that far yet so close.

I’m sorry I could not capture your pictures, next time for sure
And the chocolate you left, next time take it for sure
It has been so good like this from the start
Bud, feel free to trust me with your Heart. :’)

P.S- Thank you for sharing a special day.


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