A Poet

Standing out from the crowd
Being crazy and happy makes him proud
All he need is a pen, paper to frame anything- from octave sestet to ballad
Let me describe, who’s he- A Poet.

A Poet is an investigator of Love
A Poet is the one who keeps someone above all
A Poet is a stranger
Who knows A Poet can be a game changer.

A Poet’s state of mind reflects everything
A Poet’s state of mind creates everything
A Poet writes for the one without any worry
A Poet see’s the world with different view, A Poet’s world is imaginary.

A Poet forgets names, but never forgets people
A Poets seeks meaning from small lovely moments
At times, only words play with him
At times, only memory stays with him.

Writing is the painting of a Poet’s voice
And later sketching it down makes Poet heart rejoice
Being ignored is the weakness of a Poet
Being Loved and Appreciated is his happiness.

A Poet gives, A Poet forgives
A Poet may not get the desired happiness, but he will never regret
A Poet is the one who has no emotional debts
A Poet feeling is never Amiss
This is a Poet’s Bliss.


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