My First Love

Gift of God, sign of Love
The one who keeps her children all of the above
Mother, no one can take your place, not even God
Henceforth I prayed to God and I got the best award.

My Mom, My Hero, My Ladylove, can’t compare you to the rest
I just know whatsoever the thing is you are the best
Mother just like you and I want you to know
You mean the world to me and keep reading what’s written below.

Moment you gave me birth, I cried you smiled
Who knew that you’ll be blessed with such a lovely child
Protecting the innocence through all the Life threw at me
You taught me Love and Grace by your teachings completely.

Only you remember me as a newborn
Love me still, even growing up as an insolent son
Beautiful, Ambitious, you always stood by me
Lucky and Grateful till death I’ll be.

You value my opinions and my inner thoughts
At sad times so much happiness you brought
You are the reason to smile
I’m gonna make you proud all the while.

Even though I might not say
I appreciate for me everything you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a Ladylove, My Mother, Just Like You.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Love you..


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