Happy Birthday Anjali

Angels were awaiting the moment of your birth
They were the one who escoted you from Heaven to Earth
When you entered into this world
Even the Heavens were Adorned.

Written with a Pen, sealed with a Kiss
You being so special, is what made me write this
Days and hours of wait, comes your day
Hey Dear Friend wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

This day you made your parents Happy and Proud
And this day only you cried out loud
Smile on Face, Tears on Eyes
No words to expose, instead of words, you made Heaven their Life.

Today is your day, Scream and shout
Get your Gang and Party out loud
Go get drunk, go get high
Today every fun and every Happiness do give it a try.

Since you’re no more a teen
An year older you’ve grown
The mischief which you have will last forever in you
And now more Beautiful you’ll grow.

Everyday is an important day
And today, it’s your birthday
Wishes, Love, Blessings will flow all your way
Again wishing you my Dearest Friend, a very very Happy Birthday.


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