That Girl In That City

She who is not mine
For my crush, I confess through each line
Though a difference, there is none
As my writing and feelings, she might make fun.

Out of somewhere you popped in my mind
And now your profile is what I need to find
Confidence that you show and something that you hide
Unknown is you and so is the reason behind that sweet smile.

Prettiness with beauty in a pile
I saw a flash of lighting in one smile
A student in making, yet a model in style
Even a rose ain’t perfect in it’s entire beauty file.

Dairy milk she loves, don’t know what does she hate
In a dilemma, being cute is in her trait?
Voice so sweet, what do you eat?
Just sugar everyday or some candy too?

Heart in my socks and feet frozen in place
I shifted my eyes without moving my face
Closing time was the moment to be captured
Thanks to Kolkota for giving me a memorable chapter.


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