A Girl In That City

When she walked in, I didn’t look up
And the moment she passed by me I said,
What an amazing art
Beautiful in and out, and expert in stealing my heart! 😍

I kept staring and running my eyes
I kept searching and I tried my feelings not to arise
And after few months I encountered her with a smile
And that smile started a new story within a while!

The moment I saw her, bliss it was
The moment we spent together, I wished time could pause
Her company was totally different that I thought
Totally cool she was, but at that moment just like her, her brain was hot!

I fell for her, the way she said my name
Soft in my ears like music came
Her strange ways attracted me
Violently beautiful is how she let herself be!

When her eyes smile, they calm worries and doubt
When her eyes smile they show what simplicity is about
Her black eyes can brighten my day and bring plenty of smile
Just to meet her, worth traveling is hundreds of mile!

P.S- City of joy gave me reasons to visit that place again.. 😍😘


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