THE BATCH 2014-17 

So no one told you Life was gonna be this way
Never knew apart from family, group of people who’d always stay
With hi, hello, love, hate, laughter & tears it’ll end
So here’s the tale from beginning to end, My Friend. 

Shirt trousers without tie was the dress code
The 1st day of the college was the future down the road 
Unknown faces, just few known smile
As I got Swag & the niggas in class had a different style. 

From alone to Freshers, from Freshers to group
It always felt like strangers in our soup
Time & birthday, fights & hangout
Memories of semester I, it was all about. 

Fest & happiness were about to begin 
Enthusiasm for college picnic clenched from within 
Announcement for Pune & Goa were done, but before we go 
The department fest “AAROHAN” said hello. 

Interaction, free attendance, events, bunking, fun was not just all 
That’s when seniors came & created a totally different bond
Semester 2 with experience & memory wrapped up fast 
And sink into it’s own delight at last. 

Happiness of second year & the entry of juniors
With authority & power we were a level senior
Freshers party was the standard set by our batch
Semester 3 led to the saying that no one did ever had our match. 

Efforts to conduct departmental fest was a waste
Farewell which we organised provided us with a goodbye taste
The picnic, dance, snaps, bonfire & all, it was a memorable trip
Semester 4 said goodbye with the hello of internship. 

HR, Marketing, Finance divided the happiness of the class
But the memories & the bond united the silent & glad moments as they pass
Travelling, industrial visit, beach & beer is something to recall now & then
Semester 5 is something to live all over again. 

Last picnic, to that level & so much to remember
Promises being made to stay together & forever
Goodbye moments were at the gate
Everybody knew that farewell day won’t wait. 

Soon came the farewell & the legends said goodbye
Remembering the love, Care, laughter by professors with tears & cry
Time to recall the moments & memories of 3 wonderful years
Not a goodbye, but a new start to Life, with plenty of memories to relive, Cheers! 

                  St. XAVIER’S COLLEGE

                            THE END!


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